Virus clean-up and protection

Did you click on a link and regret it? Have you let your virus protection lapse? Are you worried you might have ended up with a virus on your PC? Have you followed the instructions on your PC From and Cold caller claiming to be from Microsoft? I can help you check and clean up your machine, get it back to full health and if you need it provide advice on how to avoid another virus in the future.
Average price: £80

New computer set-up

Getting a new computer is great, shiny hardware, faster speeds, the latest technology, but it can be a tricky transition. Pete can help take away the pain, helping you to make sure all your photos and files are safely transferred over to your new machine and helping you make sure the settings are set so your new computer feels just as familiar as your last one from the first time you turn it on.
Average price: £180 for setup excluding hardware cost.

Data Protection

There are many ways to protect your precious pictures, music and other files so that they are always available. I can advise and implement the best solution for your particular circumstances.
Average price: £100

Hard drive restoration

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you click to view your photos and get an error message instead of your photos? Don’t panic, give me a call and I can take your hard drive away and try and help you get your precious memories back.
Average price: £300

Whatever your computer problem, call Pete on 0118 944 1111 for help.