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Where did the Umtali name come from?

Umtali was the name of the city Pete grew up in in Rhodesia, when Zimbabwe was created the city was renamed Mutare. The city is situated on the Eastern Border, surrounded by the Eastern Highlands, however the first settlements of the name, in the early 1890’s were to the north west near some gold discoveries and on the other side of the Heights mountain range. When the railway was planned from the coast, in the mid 1890’s, the mountain range could not be crossed, the inhabitants petitioned Cecil Rhodes to re-route the line but it was not feasible so Rhodes paid the town to move to the current site on the railway.

Access from the rest of the country is via the precipitous Christmas Pass, so named as the surveyors who were looking for a way through the mountains, for the move to the present site camped there on Christmas day. The old settlement still exists as the Old Mutare Mission, as all the inhabitants didn’t take up the offer of the move. The city is centred on Main street which is extremely wide, because when it was laid out it was decreed that it should be possible to U turn a span of 16 oxen. In later years the Municipality split the street into 2 carriageways separated by a line of palm trees.